Executive Officers

Rebecca Ogi


Hello there! I am currently a fifth year student and recently earned my BEnvD here, at UH. I enjoy singing, sewing, and swimming. An interesting fact about me is that I have a mild allergy to bananas! I’m only 4’ 10”, so you’ll easily recognize me and if I’m not running around trying to get everything put together, please stop me and introduce yourself!

James Noh

-Vice President-

Aloha folks! My names is James and am currently in the process of completing my last year in the BEnvD program here at UH Manoa. After these first couple years I can confidently announce that I attained my Ph. D in staying up late and gained an even greater interest in design. I find myself at school way too often, but when I’m not stuck in studio I love to get outside. I mean we are in Hawaii, so how can you not love the outdoors! Whether it’s hiking, going to the beach or even biking, you can’t go wrong. The days that I am in school, please don’t be timid to introduce yourself. At 6’2’’ I can’t be hard to miss!

Marcos Cruz-Ortiz


Hi, I'm Marcos and I’m a fifth year student. Currently the AIAS secretary, I enjoy writing emails to everyone and hope they’ve all been read. I do like to write outside of studio and think it’s pretty cool how architecture and English share a connection of expressing ideas and creative works. Being the oldest of five, I’m usually pretty friendly so don’t be afraid of my awkward waves of hello, and I’ll try not to look so tired all the time.

Austin Chun


Hi, my name is Austin, and I’m currently a fourth year student enrolled in the BEnvD degree program with a focus in Urban Design and Planning. You might recognize me as, “that asian kid over there” or “that kid who doesn’t smile ever” and to my friends and acquaintances, “that asian hipster”. Don’t let my physical demeanor scare you though, I promise I’m nice (most times). I wear plaid most days, so I’m pretty recognizable.  Stop me if you have any questions, or just want to talk.


Board of Directors

Calvin Bulan

-Director of Events-

Hello fellow colleagues! My name is Calvin Bulan and if you ask around, you’ll know who I am by my loud and distinctive voice! I am a fourth year student in the School of architecture at UH and will soon be getting my BEnvD. I love to draw, landscape, aquascape and on most occasions, will see me multitasking while watching a horror movie. I work at the Gallery so you’ll see me running around from time to time, so don’t be afraid to say hi or ask any questions!

Khan Meyer

-Director of Representatives-

Aloha, my name is Khan Meyer and I am like you, weird, happy, and dedicated to experiencing the architectural school culture so that one day I may be an architect, or at least graduate from the school to do some good in the world.


Public Relations

Siraj Sheriff

Aloha everyone! My name is Siraj Sheriff. I am currently a fourth year student in the BEnvD program. I love traveling the world, seeing new places and meeting awesome people. An interesting fact about myself is that I speak five languages. I’m hoping to graduate in the spring semester and continue to grad school. SoA is a great place to make friends and meet professionals. So if you see me around, don’t hesitate to say hi!

Kris Jugueta

Hello! My first name is Kristoffer. You might hear some people around the school call me Jugs. That’s because of my last name, Jugueta. If you’re too cool for that, just call me Kris. I’m currently a fourth year in the BEnvD program, hopefully graduating this Fall semester. But I’ll be sticking around for grad school! So make friends with me and say hi! It’ll be worth it.

Jason Hashimoto

Hello all! My name is Jason and I am currently in my 4th year here at UH Manoa’s School of Architecture. I am a Big Island kid who loves chasing the outdoors, whether if it’s hiking, diving, and hopefully one day even falling from the skies, you name it! I’m looking forward to it all! Since I live on campus I will be at SoA quite often sooooo let’s be friends!